Christian values in a health plan you control.

Experience a community of like-minded Christians bringing transparency, strength in numbers, cost-containment, and fierce protection of your religious freedoms.

Meet Covenant Choice ― an initiative of Christian Employers Alliance.

As a Christian employer, you take seriously the biblical command to steward well the resources God has provided and to honor Him in all things. This is true – even down to the benefits you provide your employees. Yet government mandates, legal rulings, and titanic cultural shifts have made it more challenging than ever to navigate the benefits landscape. That is, until now.

Become a joint investor taking shared ownership alongside like-minded Christians in a practical, stable, affordable, and flexible employer-sponsored health plan that aligns with Christian values. Covenant Choice is the only health plan captive that was developed exclusively for members of the Christian Employer’s Alliance for Christian-led organizations. Come together with other Christian employers to leverage volume-based purchasing power and the shared risk of a larger health plan participant pool to gain more control over your own health plan.

Access resources and support that fiercely protect your Christian freedoms and allow you to run your benefit programs in a way that aligns with your Christian beliefs and core values. Gain complete vendor-partner transparency and cost-containment strategy that bring competitively priced options and foster long-term sustainability.

Covenant Choice puts Christian employers in the driver's seat of their own health plans.