Our Services

Think your company is too small to be self-funded on your own and forced to buy pre-packaged, fully insured health plans that adopt government mandates that conflict with Christian values? Think again.

CovenantChoice brings a health plan solution that extends large employer transparency, control, and cost-containment solutions to small and middle market employers; further allowing them the freedom of choice of offering benefits that align with their core values.

While Covenant Choice affords the flexibility that allows an employer to select its own vendor line-up, it brings a bundled solution to the table for employers who prefer the ease of seamless vendor selection.

Covenant Choice brings the transparency and customization that has historically been afforded only to large employers, to any business that employs 25 or more employees. It leverages the purchasing power of a collective of other like-minded, Christian-owned employers.

Our “No Surprises” Approach

Covenant Choice removes the intimidation factor related to a captive health insurance model by making the complex simple, manageable, and predictable. With an emphasis on helping employers fulfill their due diligence obligations related to decision support, Covenant Choice walks employers and their brokers or consultants through each of the following gateways toward a final decision.

As we walk through each gateway together, we will provide your team the necessary toolkits and decision-support for your leadership to reach a fully informed decision that aligns with the needs of your organization.

The Legal & Compliance Gateway
  • Is it legally sound?
  • Who regulates it?
  • What is the structure?
  • What is my regulatory and legal risk exposure?
The Practical Gateway
  • What will it mean for my team?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Will I need to hire to support it?
  • What is the process flow?
The Competitive Gateway
  • Is it competitive?
  • Is it better than what we have?
  • What is the maximum financial liability and risk exposure?
  • Does it beat other funding alternatives?
Tools Provided
  • Independent legal opinion at no cost to you
  • Complete due diligence package
  • Frequently Asked Legal & Compliance Q&A
  • Documented process flows
  • Outline of who is responsible for what functions & what falls to the employer vs. vendors
  • Detailed implementation timeline complete with decision points required & responsible parties
  • Financial proposal
  • 1st yr and mature year projections for apples-to-apples comparison
  • Measurable results